The climate control in my office is utterly broken. I got in this morning at 7:00am, and it was already at 77F, despite being set to cool the office to 72. By lunchtime it’ll be 80F in here, just like it was on Thursday and Friday of last week. In the winter it was the opposite – the temperature couldn’t be coaxed about 65F. This idiocy has been going on ever since I started working here, two years ago. The pattern repeats endlessly – call a repair guy, the repair guy twiddles some random knobs, and the temperature zooms in the opposite direction for a day or two, then we return to “normality’. I’m now positive that this is a total scam. Some guy comes in and time bombs the climate control to be “reasonable” for a day or two and then return to intolerable. I’m in the wrong racket – I could make a fortune by screwing with corporate climate control.

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