Augh! The ugly climate-control saga continues! We had one week of comfort. On Monday I came in and the office was at 77F and the temperature only climbed for the rest of the day. Yesterday it was 87F in here by the time I left for the day. It’s 80F in here right now. I’m amazed the computers haven’t all melted down into heaps of slag ; it’s not like they’re getting any cooling at all.

On another note, new Macs. Drool. They’re such beautifully designed machines. Apple’s industrial design team is second to none. I’m definitely buying one of these machines when the come available. I’m so sick of dealing with the whole PC thing – decades old hardware (I don’t care if the processors get faster, the x86 architecture just bites) combined with shoddy build quality and (if you want any reasonable speed) loud operating volume. I have an AthlonXP 1900+ that sounds like a jet – it’ll be nice to have a quiet machine. Well, a quiet fast machine; I have a G3 Mac that I love, but it’s not exactly a speed demon now.

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