The Ottawa Blues Festival is next week. The utterly brilliant Spearhead is playing, and I really wanted to go. A really good friend even offered me the use of his place to crash should I choose to attend. Sadly, Spearhead is playing on Thursday night, and I can’t really afford (time-wise) to take two days off. I’d considered flying up to Ottawa on Thursday after work, and returning Friday morning. To my absolute surprise, this is entirely possible – and it’s not even all that expensive (Tango offers three flights daily between Toronto and Ottawa, and they’re currently $19 and $69 depending on flight time) but then you get nailed with all the taxes – between Navcan, fuel surcharge, airport improvement fees, security charges and the GST the total fare for the round trip balloons from $88 to $199.11! I love Spearhead, and I’d really love to go see them, but a $200 concert is a bit much.

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