Xianmrtyr contacted me a couple of days ago, and we’ve traded e-mail back and forth a bit. I was truly glad to hear from him ; we’ve not talked in a rather long time, and we last saw one another when I visited him last year. It’s good to stay in touch with friends, however distant. I’m so very bad at keeping in touch – it always seems like there’s not enough time to do it now, there’s plenty of time to do that later, and it slips, and slips and slips. I think, this weekend, I’ll make an effort to contact some of my old friends. I was inspired to contact an old friend of mine that I worked with at Square and also at Namco and it’d been so long that in between when we’d last spoke that I’d entirely missed that he’d (well, his wife’d) had a second kid! I missed an entire pregnancy! See what I mean about keeping in touch? So, if you’re like me, get off your butt! There’s no time like now to contact absent friends! And now, before I blind you with even more bold or italic text, I’ll sign off. It’s late, I’m tired, and the head of development is visiting our office in the morning to evaluate the progress of our project. I’ve had a couple of very long days, and tomorrow promises to be interesting.

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