Just got back (’bout an hour ago, really) from The Matrix: Revolutions. I’ve seen movies I’ve enjoyed less. The Matrix: Reloaded, for one. House of the Dead would be another. This is certainly the biggest budget bomb I can think of, though. It wasn’t a movie at all. It was just a collection of disjoint scenes, all of which went on for far too long. I enjoyed Reloaded when I saw it, but immediately after I saw it I realized that what I actually enjoyed was the act of going to see the movie. See, I saw it in San Diego with Carla and Kevin, friends I’d not spent any significant amount of time with in something like a year. The movie was pretty bad (worse than Revolutions) but, to quote another friend, it’s all about the company.

Do yourself a favour. Pretend The Matrix was a standalone film. Treat it like a one-shot movie. Ignore the sequels. Revolutions is two hours that feels like four.

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