I feel like a total dumbass today. See, I got home from work, and decided to cook a bit. Make some lunch for tomorrow. I’m chopping away, like a whirldwind. Tomatoes! Carrots! Shallots! >slice<. That didn’t seem right. That wasn’t shallot I just sliced. Nope. Not shallot. Thumb. Before you get panicky, it wasn’t a big cut, nor was it deep. In fact, all I did was slice off a chunk of my thumbnail. Of course, thumbnail is attached to thumb, so in the process of hacking off a bit of my thumbnail I hacked off a bit of my thumb with it. There’s a dull annoying pain at the end of my thumb now, which is interspersed with little jabs of pain whenever I manage to put pressure on the (I stress again, small) wound. I probably wouldn’t have done this had I actually owned a *sharp* knife, but since my knife is dull, I was putting quite a lot of oomph behind it. So, let this be a lesson to you – use good quality tools, and be careful with them. If you don’t, you’ll be like me – a dumbass.

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