By the Great Cthulhu, I proclaim my hatred for WindowsXP! (I hate all flavours of Windows, but today XP has earned my ire.) All I wanted to do was share a directory so that I could pull the files from it off my laptop and onto my Linux machine. In NT/2K, I could right-click on the directory and pick “Sharing…” from the menu and I’d be able to share that directory. In XP the same action gets me a dialog box that bitches at me, telling me sharing could compromise the security of my machine (duh) and bullying me into running a stupid bloody network setup wizard. Like a total idiot I ran the stupid wizard. The wizard didn’t seem to do anything except obfuscate my network connection – it added a “Network Bridge” and routed my wireless adapter, wired adapter and firewire card through it. Oh yeah, it did one other thing too. It totally hosed my network connection. It took me nearly half an hour to get things straight again. In the end, I just fired up an ftp server on the Linux box and ftp’d the files from the laptop to the desktop. Should’ve just done that in the first place. Gah.

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