Well, my only complaint about Blogger (and it wasn’t really their fault) just went away. I hated having to edit through my web browser. I really wanted a nice little client-side application to post from, like the most-excellent LogJam for LiveJournal. I’d even thought about moving to LJ, because LogJam is so very cool, but I like Blogger’s flexibility more than LJ (even if I am using this pea-soup template). I knew about gnome-blog but I don’t use GNOME, and though gnome-blog works as a standalone app as well, it just doesn’t do all that I want. It doens’t, for instance, allow you to edit old posts. Well, BloGTK to the rescue. BloGTK is exactly what I’d been looking for. I’d tried an early revision of it, and my experience wasn’t satisfactory (I couldn’t even get it to connect to blogger.com) but today, with the release of v0.9, I’m well pleased. Any linux users that are looking for a nice client-side blog tool that connects with Blogger (or Movable Type or MetaWeb) should give this a serious look.

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