The Ninth Gate

Showcase showed The Ninth Gate on TV last night, and I decided to watch it again. I’d first seen it with my friend Mike Witt in San Jose, when I was there to interview at Namco. As I recall, it was a visually stunning film, but not a particularly great story. I enjoyed it rather more the second time through, though. See, this time I had the benefit of being able to read a few interpretations by other people, with more knowledge of Christian mythology than I, and I was much better able to understand the significance of a lot of the imagery in the film. I’m now intrigued enough that I’d like to read the book on which the movie was based. The cast was excellent (it’s a Depp flick, so I’m biased right away), and the performances were uniformly good, and I love Roman Polanski’s style, so the movie does have a lot going for it. I’m sure the movie works better if you’re more versed in Christian mythology than I, but I’d say it’s worth watching.

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