The movie karma saga continues …

I saw The Chronicles of Riddick last night. I know, after the last few reviews you’re probably expecting me to tell you how much I hated it. You wouldn’t be far from wrong. Unlike Van Helsing, or The Day After Tomorrow, I didn’t walk out of the theater feeling ripped off. But this was no Pitch Black. Where Pitch Black was a (mostly) well-written character-driven three-room drama with a science fiction setting and no budget, this was all special effects. The premise was utterly contrived, and the character development largely non-existent. There were plot points that felt like they were unexplored (like they met the cutting room floor, actually) and others that felt like they were inserted just so as to be “less Hollywood”.

That said, with one exception, the movie looked great. The CG wasn’t nearly as obtrusive as in some other movies (mind you the Giant Spiky Dog Thing was as awful as VelkanWolf in VH). I was never actually bored by the movie. Would I go see it again? Nope. Will I go the sequel? Probably.

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