I just got back today from a brief trip to visit my dear friend Kourosh in Ottawa. (I don’t know if he’ll be happy about me posting that link, but I’m trying to get him to start his own blog and, until he does, that’s the extent of his web presence.) I went up on Thursday, and came back this afternoon, and I have to say it was a great weekend. The whole trip was prompted by the Manitoba concert at the Ottawa Blues Festival. (The show, by the way, was fantastic. Visit the link, check out the mp3s and definitely download and watch the videos for “Jacknuggeted” and “Skunks”.) We did a lot more than just go see the Manitoba show, though. Kourosh showed me around the city (which is beautiful and very clean … mind you, I think the police arrested all the homeless so that we wouldn’t see any during the tourist season…) and I got some great photos. A couple of my favourites:

The bridge between Ottawa and Hull.

Gargoyles on the Parliament building.

A view of the locks between the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal.

We also saw a couple of movies while I was there (unlike me, Kourosh has *excellent* movie karma, and we used some of his this weekend) – Super Size Me and Talaye Sorkh (Crimson Gold), both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. We had some good food, saw the Ottawa Gay Pride parade, wandered about Ottawa checking out the municipal parks … it was a really fantastic weekend.

I’m reading this back and it seems like rambling, but the trip just kinda pours out of me when I think about it, so I’m not going to try to polish this post up. I’ll just leave it as it is.

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