Brutalised by The Man

This sucks. I’m referring to the newly redesigned All Music Guide. I was eagerly awaiting their site redesign, as the old site really needed a facelift. I was hoping that some of my complaints, like the fact that all the links were javascript and thus couldn’t be used to spawn new windows or tabs, would be addressed.

Well, the new site launched on Monday. I’m not happy. My once favourite source for music info is now horribly crippled. The content, which once all appeared in one page, is now split within the page along tabs. You can no longer look up a band and see their discography without having to click on a tab and wait. And wait. And wait. Yeah, the site’s damnably slow. There’s a flash navigation widget floating in the top third of the page, but it’s mostly just a waste of space.

None of these problems would be too much to bear, but the page doesn’t render correctly in any browser that doesn’t suck. Check out the notice I got when I visited the site with Firefox in Linux:

Notice: You are accessing with a browser that is not currently supported. The appearance and functionality of the site could be impacted. is optimized for Internet Explorer 5.5 and above for Windows.

And you know, they’re not kidding. In Firefox the links don’t look like links, and the search engine keeps switching from band to album. In Opera the search seems to work for me, but the search results page is b0rked beyond belief. The table renderer goes insane when the cursor passes over it, rendering it (pun intended) useless.

I’m not going to stop using allmusic – it’s just too useful to abandon – but I’m really disappointed.

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