A Quick Jaunt to California

So I was in California this past weekend, attending a developer’s conference. I was only there for two days, but while I was there I was able to visit with my very dear friends, Jed and Wendie and their bundle of joy, Holly. Jed and Holly are right there on the left. Holly has to be the single happiest baby I’ve ever met – Jed and Wendie positively dote on her and, truth be told, if she were mine I would too.

The conference was really good too. I ran into a bunch of friends I’d not seen in a few years, and learned a lot about …. the Nintendo DS. I can’t say anything about it, ‘cuz I’m under NDA, but I think it’s going to be huge. It’s awesome.

And now for some movie karma. I saw Man On Fire at the hotel. It’s a decent action thriller – goes a bit over the top, but Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning both turn in fantastic performances. In particular, Washington’s performance as a dead man who keeps going through sheer force of will and anger is impressive. And the soundtrack, the soundtrack! Filled with Nine Inch Nails, and capped off with a song by Lisa Gerrard that punches all the emotional buttons. The plot gets goofier as the movie progresses, and the direction gets a bit hectic, but overall it was a decent film. If I can score the DVD used, I’ll probably pick it up. Net shift in movie karma: zero.

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