Further Adventures in Movie Karma

So I went to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse, knowing full well that it would net me some serious movie karma. (For those that aren’t clear on the way this works, suffering earns you karma. When you enjoy a movie, it costs you karma. Ideally, you’d like to be in movie-karmic-debt. This is a corruption of the Hindu concept of karma, but I don’t care.)

I was right. RE:A is a seriously stupid movie. The director, one Alexander Witt, needs to be slapped because, just like every other two-bit hack, he films all his fight scenes with a handy cam in half-second bursts. That said, the Cole Factor (named for a friend, Dave Cole, where the magnitude of the Cole Factor is directly proportional to the amount of “hotness” in a film – for reference, Underworld was off the scale based on Kate Beckinsale alone) was very high, and the explosions were plentiful.

The previous RE movie captured the feel of the game much better than this film, and was paced and directed better. (Yeah, Paul W. S. Anderson (Aliens vs. Predator) is a BETTER director than Alexander Witt, at least when it comes to RE). Neither are good movies, but the first sucks less than the second.

I’ll spend the karma at Shaun of the Dead on Friday.

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