The Texas Holdem bastards have spammed Jed to death. His site is currently down.

Why isn’t this a crime? These pricks consume our bandwith and server space. They drive up our collective blood pressure, endangering our health, and because we have to deal with their BS, they steal our time. Spammers must be destroyed.

For the few that read this, I have a question for you all. Would you find some kind of challenge based comment system offensive? Either requiring users to register, or having a challenge question come up on the comment post form. Something that a bot can’t easily automate. See, my stopping the Texas Holdem bastard involves me actually changing WordPress, and it’s a losing battle. Sooner or later the bot figures out my little hack, and compensates. The reason I stopped posting on my blogger account and moved this here was two-fold – primarily I wanted the content of my blog to be somewhere that I could retrieve it, and secondarily because blogger didn’t, at the time, permit comment posting. I’d hate to be forced to disable commenting altogether because of these jerkoffs.

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