Well, it wasn’t House of the Dead.

Still, Elektra was horrible. I mean, how damning is it when I can say that Daredevil was a better vehicle for Elektra than Elektra was? The fights were, as is all too common these days, filmed in magnificent shaky-cam, mere inches from the action, the plot stupid and filled with holes, and the enemies useless. Worse yet, not one baddy took more than one hit to kill – the fights were all composed of a whole lot of not-hitting, followed by the lethal blow. One of them even managed to kill himself. The best of them had the ultra-scary super power of “out of body experience”. The stupidity even pervaded the credits – I know Elektra is a Greek myth, but did the credits have to be edgy with a capital sigma? Gah. What a waste of time and money. So, while it wasn’t House of the Dead bad, I’m betting it’s neck-and-neck with the forthcoming Alone in the Dark.

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