“There’s one thing I hate more than people who kiss and tell. Republicans.”

I saw Shivaree play at the Lula Lounge here in Toronto tonight. Nice venue – a dinner theatre. The show was great. Now, Shivaree is not normally the kind of music I listen to – very bluesy. Very bluesy. In fact, without their singer, they’d be merely a competent blues band. With their singer (a sultry charmer with the seemingly unlikely name Ambrosia Parsley) they’re exceptional. She’s got this husky, breathy drawl when she sings that she sometimes trades for a falsetto. Captivating. And she’s a great performer too – before every song she told a little story, every one of which was entertaining. (The title of this post is a quote from one – not that I don’t hate republicans. On the contrary, I do hate republicans – they’re just one of many things I hate more than people who kiss and tell.) Given how amazing they were, I’m surprised how little attention they get – I might never have even heard of them, had it not been for one of their songs appearing on the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack. And to think “American Idol” gets bazillions of viewers every week for the same old recycled garbage.

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