Last night I saw Ong-Bak and I was floored. It’s an amazing movie – some of the best action I’ve seen in years. In terms of grand production, it’s not anywhere near the scope of a film like Hero or House of Flying Daggers, but as a low-budget fast action movie it can’t be beat.

The only mar on the night? A couple of idiots who insisted on carrying conversations on their cell phones during the movie. One guy, in particular, took something like three or four calls, and carried on conversations loudly. How self-centered must you be to think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable? If I’d been sitting next to the guy, he’d have been wearing my drink. After a lot of yelling by angry moviegoers, finally somebody complained to management and this knucklehead (and a few other morons) were escorted out of the theatre to the delight (and applause) of the rest of us. Some people. Gah.

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