iPod makes life better.

I know I’ve posted about the iPod making my life better before, but I wasn’t fully cognizant of how many ways it did so. This morning I started my daily commute, as always, by pulling out my iPod and headphones only to realise that I’d failed to charge the battery for it. Nothing to do but to do the daily slog sans-tunes. I discovered, to my dismay, that the iPod not only delivered music, but drowned out the daily inanity of the idiots around me. If I’d had my iPod charged and ready to go, for instance, I’d not have had to hear an Indian and Italian Beavis and Butthead plan to kill one of their fathers for “child slave labour” (he was apparently being asked to help with the family construction business in return for loan of his father’s car). It’s mornings like this one that make me realise that, while I don’t mind individuals, in general I just plain hate people.

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