A Gem and a Dud

I had a bit of a lame Friday night. Cy dropped by and we rented a couple of movies – by utterly random coincidence, both featured the truly lovely Naomie Harris. We grabbed After the Sunset and 28 Days Later ….

After the Sunset was, well, a dud. It’s a caper flick starring Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek as a pair of jewel thieves, and Woody Harrelson as the FBI agent attempting to capture them. It’s not that it’s a desperately bad movie, it’s just lame. Now, it wasn’t all bad – it did feature almost 97 minutes of Salma Hayek wearing little more than a bikini. I’ve seen movies that were equally lame that didn’t have 90 minutes of bikini-clad Salma Hayek and they were, indeed, less enjoyable than After the Sunset.

28 Days Later … was amazing. On a purely visceral level, it was far more satisfying as a zombie movie (though the zombies weren’t actually zombies) than either of the Resident Evil movies or House of the Dead (I’ve not seen the other recent zombie movie, the remake of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead). But really, it wasn’t actually a horror movie at all. It has all the requisite splatter and gore, but it’s far more deliberately paced, without the hundreds of jack-in-the-box startle shots so common in horror films. If you’ve not seen it yet, rent it – it’s a very good flick.

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