Episode 3

I saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith tonight.

Eh. It was about what I expected. No, actually, it was better than I’d expected. I expected terrible dialogue (check), terrible acting from Hayden Christensen (check) and decent performances from Ewan MacGregor (who was actually excellent) and Natalie Portman (yep). The plot wasn’t bad, given that you know where it’s going to wind up, but the details made it more interesting. You finally got to see what motivated Anakin Skywalker into becoming Darth Vader. But really the best part of the movie was Obi Wan’s reaction to Anakin’s betrayal. Ewan MacGregor is a fantastic actor – his final speech to Darth Vader was worth the price of admission.

The special effects (if that’s even fair – the whole movie’s a special effect) were a mixed bag. As usual, the sets were stunning. Great lighting effects, great ambiance and believable looking scenes were pretty much everywhere (well, the living quarters were all spartan to the point of asceticism, but barring that). Where things fell apart were the animations. Nothing seemed to have any weight – characters bound into motion, leaping into the air, seemingly popping from stock-still to top speed with nary a hint of acceleration. I know Sith and Jedi all Use the Forceâ„¢ but droids and mundane creatures all had the same style of motion.

Anyway, overall I got a slightly better movie than I expected – and RotS is far and away the best movie of the new trilogy. If this is really the last Star Wars movie it, at least, ended on a (relatively) high note.

As an aside, I simply can’t get enough of that Jesu album. It’s the front runner for album of the year so far. By the way, if it shows up in the little iTunes thing on the sidebar of this site, and the album cover shows a CD called “Sacred Classics” it’s Amazon being brain-dead. Despite the fact that “Jesu Jesu” (the Artist/Album keyword pair) has an exact match, it’s the second hit in the search, regardless of whatever sort criteria I use.

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