Kingdom of Heaven

I saw Kingdom of Heaven tonight and really enjoyed it. The pacing was a bit uneven, and the score wasn’t spectacular, but some good (and some great) performances and Ridley Scott’s terrific direction made it worth seeing. My knowledge of twelfth century history is pretty much non-existent, so I can’t pass judgement on the historical accuracy (or lack thereof). The story felt a bit forced too. But Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis and Alexander Siddig were just fantastic. Nobody does epic battles like Ridley Scott – and nobody does historical epics like Ridley Scott either. If you liked Gladiator or Blackhawk Down, you should see Kingdom of Heaven.

As an aside, I think Gladiator was probably the best of the three – it had a stronger lead performance (but weaker supporting performances). I liked Kingdom of Heaven better than Blackhawk Down – not that it was a better movie, but the historical setting was more to my taste.

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