Blown Away

I just got in from the VNV Nation show, with openers Soman and Imperative Reaction, and I’m just utterly blown away. VNV’s touring for their new album, and it’s another stunner of a record (yes, I still say record – I’m old, sue me). The two openers were pretty damn good too – Soman’s one guy with a Powerbook, but he played some of the best industrial dance techno I’ve ever heard. Imperative Reaction were good too – some of their songs sounded a bit derivative, but they had some really great songs in their set.

VNV were, simply put, amazing. Normally I don’t go for the “everything is sequenced” type of concert, but they brought two touring keyboard players (with Powerbooks too, naturally) so the show wasn’t as sequenced as it could have been. Add to that the fact that Ronan Harris is one of the most charismatic guys I’ve ever seen on stage – he talked to the crowd and it didn’t seem cheesy, he joked around and generally seemed to be having a really great time. And he’s got the most … I don’t know … romantic delivery when he sings. Great performer.

And the audience! Sweet mother Gaia, I thought I’d moved to another city! ENTHUSIASTIC GOTHS! IN TORONTO! No kidding! And, unlike the really enthusiastic but RUDE audience I saw at the Caribou show in Montreal, these guys were happy, friendly and polite. Did I mention they were GOTHS? And that they were ENTHUSIASTIC?

Before the show we had dinner at Rashnaa, one of my favourite restaurants in the city – South Indian & Sri Lankan food, yum! Hooked up with Cy, Paula, Michelle (whom I’d not seen in something like seven or eight years) and met a new friend, Stephanie, and we had a blast. Tonight’s been one of the best nights I’ve had in ages. Great dinner, great friends, great music. What more can you ask for?

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