I speak, of course, of Batman Begins. In fact, if it weren’t for Sin City, I’d have said it was the best comic book movie ever. Excellent casting, pacing and writing, and great direction (mind you, again I was forced to endure fight scenes shot from too close with too much shaky handycam style direction). The title of the movie, “Batman Begins” is apt – this is less a movie about Batman than it is about the birth of Batman. The trauma, and the psychological underpinnings that turned Bruce Wayne into Batman. It never felt forced or awkward – and unlike the first of Tim Burton’s Batman movies (which, by the way, I’m happy to consign to the Trash bin of my mind, along with the abominable Joel Schumacher disasters) the writer didn’t feel like obliged to tie in the origin of Batman with his nemesis – that is to say, the Joker wasn’t the guy who killed Wayne’s parents. If you’ve not done so already, go see this movie. Forget the Burton movies, forget the campy 60’s series (okay, don’t – it was fun) and for God’s sake, forget the Schumacher films. This movie is the definitive Batman film. If they can keep this level of quality up, I’m actually looking forward to the (inevitable) sequels.

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