The Dead, and the Land thereof.

Paula and I went to see George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead last night. Like all of George Romero‘s zombie movies, this one is a bit (and I emphasize bit) of social commentary wrapped in a zombie thriller. Where Dawn of the Dead was an allegory for mass consumerism, Land of the Dead embodies the Marxist class struggle. Like the other Dead movies, however, the social commentary really amounts to “Hey, look!”. It’s not deep by any means. Land of the Dead is nothing at all like scary. There are a whole lot of cheap startles, but there’s no real tension. There is, however, an unholy amount of gore. And now that Romero has a real budget, the gore is incredibly visceral. Zombie fans, rejoice, this is the first good zombie movie since the not-zombies-at-all 28 Days Later….

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