New look!

After I’d added the AudioScrobbler and flickr feeds, I realised that the right column of my blog was just too long, and decided to go out looking for a new theme. I found almost exactly what I wanted in Viewfinder Design‘s Three Column Darkess theme. The theme failed for me in a couple of ways, though, and I just had to fix them. First, the formatting didn’t agree with me – I didn’t like where different modules got placed on the page. That was easy enough to fix. Harder to fix was the more, IMO, compelling issue – the layout was jello. Now, my old theme was ice, but that was something that always irked me. I think web sites should look right no matter how you resize the browser window. I always found it irritating to find a web site with a 4cm wide column of text that ran 80 screens long, regardless of how wide I made my browser window. Thanks to this page by Craig Saila, I found out how to modify the Viewfinder Design page to make it liquid. I’ve got a fixed minimum width (I believe it’s 600 pixels ; if you’re trying to view this site with a narrower window then you’ll have to exercise that horizontal scrollbar) but aside from that, the site should always reflow to use as much of your browser as you give it. As always, comments are welcome.

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