I’m listening to the newest album, Howl by the brilliant Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. All the reviews talk a lot about how BRMC have given up their snarl and shoegazer leanings for acoustic Americana. This led me to believe that I’d be walking into a country album, or at least black leather clad country. Now, there are elements of country and gospel throughout the album but it’s by no means a total departure from the previous albums. This one hasn’t hooked me the way the last two did yet, but I can’t write the album off – so far it’s really quite good. The AMG review I linked ends with the statement “BRMC have grown up and grown interesting.” which both overstates the change Howl presents, and understates the quality of the previous two albums. I don’t think any BRMC fan is going to be disappointed by Howl. I’m not.

I’m off to Ottawa tomorrow – Kourosh, Coralie and I are going to see Sigur Rós on Sunday night. I can’t hardly wait. And then they’re coming down here for the October 1 weekend to see Dead Can Dance. Great times ahead!

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