I haven’t felt the urge or the need to write anything in a few days. It’s probably because I’m feeling really mellow these days. We met a massive deadline at the office last week and Stephen and I took off for the weekend to Montreal. We drove up on Friday morning, and came back Monday afternoon. Friday night we met up with my ex-Rockstar-colleague and great friend Brad and his family and went for dinner. Saturday during the day we did touristy stuff (went to the Museum of Architecture, the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens). In the evening Kourosh and Coralie came in from Ottawa and we went out for dinner. Sunday we did more touristy stuff – checking out the really beautiful architectural history of Montreal – St Joseph’s Oratory, the Cathedral de Notre Dame, and the rest of old Montreal. We did all this on foot and via the Metro. Montreal has amazing public transit. And insane traffic. So it really made sense not to drive in the city. Anyway, we got up a bit late on Monday, went out for a nice lunch and then drove back home. I had a great weekend – I really enjoyed getting away. Thanks, everyone who came out, for a great time. Hope to see you all again soon.

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