Dead Can Dance

I went to see Dead Can Dance tonight at Massey Hall. I’d never seen them live before, and honestly never expected to get the opportunity, so I’m really glad I went. The show was pretty good – Massey Hall has amazing sound, and DCD sounded really great – exactly like their albums, in fact. And that, in a nutshell, was where the show felt weak. They seemed to be on autopilot – just going through the motions. I know that at least some of this impression is because I saw DCD on the heels of the most intense, raw, and amazing concert I’ve ever seen (Sigur Rós, last week in Ottawa), but it’s no less valid for that. I love Dead Can Dance, and if they ever tour again I’ll see them again, but I wasn’t blown away the way I’d hoped to be.

Oh, and though Massey Hall has amazing sound, it was built during an era when the average human was 3’6″ tall. The seats are an abomination. There’s no leg room, and the seats are tiny. It would take a lot to get me to want to see a show there again. I mean, if Tom Waits were to play there I’d go, because Tom Waits virtually never plays Toronto any more, but it would have to be something that enticing to convince me to pay to torture myself in those horrid seats again. My back and legs are going to hurt ’til 2011.

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