Three weeks?!

Great Caesar’s Ghost, has it really been more than three weeks since my last post? What have I been doing? I don’t know why I’ve left this fallow for so long ; just didn’t feel like writing anything. One of the things I like so much about blogging is that it’s something I can just do when the urge strikes ; I never feel obligated to keep writing.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Neil Gaiman came through Toronto as part of the Anansi Boys promotional tour, and Stephen and I went to the reading and signing. Neil’s a captivating speaker – we had a great time. Because he was signing for all 750 attendees, there wasn’t time for photo opportunities, but there was a draw for five photo ops, and I was one of the lucky five. I’ve put the photo up on my flickr site. Neil Gaiman’s one of my favourite authors, so the whole evening was quite a thrill for me. After the show we met up with Kourosh (who has finally started a blog – see the links section) and Coralie, who were in town for (Canadian) Thanksgiving, and we went to the 7 West Cafe, where we had great coffee, great cake, and great conversation. Always fun to hang out with those guys.

This past Saturday, Stephen and I made our way up to Caledon to take advantage of autumn colours for some photography. We first went to the Cheltenham Badlands where we spent way too much time (and I spent way too much battery). The badlands are just stunning – I found it hard to pry myself away from the place. After that we visited the Bellfountain Conservation Area which was also beautiful. I got some great photos on Saturday – hopefully I’ll have some time to go through them and put the highlights up on my flickr site.

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