New Music

This past Wednesday I went to the game developer track at Microsoft X05 (basically a “what’s coming” with regards to Microsoft and game development) event. The event was held at the Paramount theatre on Richmond Street. This is just a couple of blocks away from my favourite music store, Penguin Music. So I, of course, arranged to be in town for the event just a little early, giving me time to drop in. And, of course, I didn’t leave empty handed. I grabbed three new albums – The Campfire Headphase by Boards of Canada, Corymb by Boom Bip, and Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK by Múm.

I’d scored a leaked copy of The Campfire Headphase ages ago, and it’s utterly brilliant. I’ve not yet had a chance to spin the Boom Bip album (it’s some new original material, remixes by Four Tet, Mogwai, Lali Puna, Clouddead, Venetian Snares and Boards of Canada, and Peel Sessions ; how can it be anything BUT great?) and I’m listening to the Múm even as I type this. So far, it’s fantastic. It’s a reissue of their first album, which was never released in North America, so I was thrilled to find it.

I’ll post more on the Boom Bip and Múm albums once I’ve listened to them properly.

(The Microsoft event, by the way, was pretty good – Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights and David Wu of Pseudo Interactive both gave talks that were informative and entertaining. After the event we got a chance to check out the XBox360 and play some of the forthcoming games, which was also a lot of fun.)

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