Damn, I want a better camera.

On Sunday I went out with Stephen and four other guys from the Toronto Photo Meetup Group to shoot some photos at the Burlington Skyway. The weather was miserable when we arrived, so we wound up detouring to the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum, at least partially in the hope that we could get some photos there while the rain let up, so we could get back down to the Skyway for some evening shots. The museum was okay – they had a wood show (don’t ask) taking up one of the two hangars, so they’d crammed the planes into one hangar leaving little room to actually take decent photos. Our return to the Skyway, however, was much more fruitful. We got some really great photos on either side of the bridge. We even found some surfers in Lake Ontario – I hope those guys (and girl) had all their shots, ‘cuz they’ll need ’em after swimming in that lake . Anyway, you can see a few of my photos up at flickr, if you’re so inclined.

You know, the more I do this sort of thing, the more I find myself wanting a better camera. The Olympus C-3020Z I’m shooting with is a really decent point-and-shoot, but it’s getting long in the tooth, and I really miss the flexibility you get with an SLR.

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