I just got back from seeing South, and was it ever an amazing show. The opening band was LA’s Something for Rockets who were less than captivating. The songs were just really mediocre – it’s too bad, too, because the singer, Rami Perlman (son of violinist Itzhak Perlman), has one amazing baritone – the man can really sing. Anyway, after Something for Rockets left the stage, South came on, and they were terrific. I didn’t really know them all that well – in fact, I’d stumbled across them via, where there’s a download of a live version of Glow (from Never, Never Land). The track starts with the comment “Good evening, I’m Joel from South. The band split up today, so I’m doin’ it alone.”, which intrigued me enough to track down who Joel from South really was, and I found the South site. As luck would have it, not only was South not split up, they were on tour, and set to visit Toronto just 2 weeks from that day. The South site has 10 streaming tracks available, and I liked most of them. I figured it was worth gambling 20 bucks (15 + the TicketBastard fee) to see if they were as good as the samples promised. They are.

(As a cool little bonus, they ended their encore with a cover of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” ; a great way to end the night.)

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