UPnP Update

I’ve abandoned uShare as my media server, and have gone back to MediaTomb. It turns out that there’s no magic mp3 that causes both uShare and MediaTomb to crash ; uShare just falls over and dies if there are enough MP3s in the library. MediaTomb, on the other hand, deals with a large library just fine … it just doesn’t like .m4a files. I figured out how to get it to ignore .m4a files and have a script running to transcode my m4as to mp3s (yes, yes, transcoding is bad, I know, but my CDs are in utter disarray and I want that music available NOW, not in a year when I finally find the CDs). Also, MediaTomb parses tags, which uShare didn’t, and it supports skipping forward and back, which uShare didn’t (at least not from the PS3). Now that I’ve figured out MediaTomb’s deficiency, I’m happy to work around it. I’d prefer if it would actually grok .m4a files, but I’ve had no joy there, so this will do as a stop-gap measure.

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