Media Library

I went out on Boxing Day to take advantage of the excess inventory fire-sale prices and realized that I no longer knew all of the movies I owned, so I wound up not buying stuff in case I already had it and realized I’d acquired enough media that it was impossible to keep it all in my head. So I bought Delicious Library 2, because it will scan UPC symbols using the built-in webcam on my MacBook and download all the important info about what I’ve just scanned – covers, metadata, even current value. I’ve been slowly but surely cataloguing my media, starting with movies and games. I’ve managed to get all of my PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3 games catalogued, as well as all my Blu-Ray discs and most of my DVDs. A really neat feature of DL2 is the ability to publish the collection to the web – you can see my in-progress catalogue at the library link in the sidebar. If you’ve got a Mac, I highly recommend Delicious Library 2 – it’s fast and easy and has a million useful features.

I still have to add my PS1, Saturn, Dreamcast, GBA, PSP and NDS games, and the rest of my DVDs. And then the monumental task of my CDs and books. Even with DL2, it’s a daunting task.

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