Well, that’s a wrap.

As of this afternoon, Toronto independent game developer SilverBirch Studios is no more. Two and a half years ago, my company, Electron Jump Games entered into a buyout agreement with SilverBirch. All seemed well ’til this past September when the proverbial crap hit the fan. Rapid overexpansion (read: buying companies without any money to pay for them) finally bit us in the ass. We’ve spent every day since in agonizing limbo, not knowing if we’d survive. A last minute buyout collapsed today and the studio’s creditor finally pulled the plug. I’ve got mixed feelings about this – it was really nice knowing I has a steady paycheck, but the past three months of Hell really took a toll on all of us, so it’s a relief to *know*. On the up side, SilverBirch defaulted on its commitment to Electron Jump, so all our tech is still ours, and many of the people involved are interested in trying to keep the staff of the studio together. Anyone interested in investing in a skilled and experienced team?

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