R.I.P. Martin Streek

Former CFNY DJ Martin Streek chose to end his life yesterday. Marty had been a fixture on the radio and the local club scene for the past two decades. I listened to him on the radio, and went to “CFNY Nights” at clubs in the Greater Toronto Area for years and years – all through university and then some. When anyone mentions CFNY, I think of a select few names: Dani Elwell, Alan Cross, Maie Pautts, Brother Bill, and Martin Streek. All of those people had moved on, either through station restructuring or moving onto new opportunities. All of them save for Marty – he’d hung on ’til this past May, when a new restructuring finally showed him the door. He was the last tie I had to CFNY, the last person that kept me even wanting to listen. His death marks the end of an era – maybe just a personal era, but an era nonetheless. His death is a much more personal loss to me than all the “big” celebrity deaths of the last couple of weeks. Though I never knew him personally, I knew his radio persona, and I’ll miss him. Good night and godspeed, Martin – I hope you’ve found the peace you sought.

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