March eMusic Downloads

Yeah, yeah, it’s April. I nearly forgot to download my 90 tracks for March.

The first album from Toronto’s Ayria. Danceable synthpop with a a brighter, more feminine delivery than many other female-fronted EBM acts. I’ll be getting the other two albums over the next couple of months.

Destroid is one of Daniel (Haujobb) Meyer’s myriad side projects. Destroid is the polar opposite of one of Meyer’s other projects, Architect. Where Architect explores the musical possibilities of noise, Destroid showcases the musically accessible side of Daniel Meyer. Three new original songs, remixes of each, a remix of Bird of Prey (off Loudspeaker) and a remarkably excellent cover (and remix) of Sisters of Mercy’s “Lucretia My Reflection” make this a solid EP for fans and new listeners alike.

EMusic’s has had the first 3 tracks of this album up as the I Choose Noise EP for a couple of years, so I was thrilled to see the full album (Hybrid’s third) had finally arrived. Featuring guest vocals by Perry Farrell and Kirsty Hawkshaw, this album is cinematic on an epic scale.

Right. Four albums in we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Swansea’s Hybrid. Dancey electronic music that’s huge and cinematic. So this is more in that same vein – maybe toned down a bit, with the vocals a bit more in the forefront. Another ripper.

A collection of remixes of songs from I:Scintilla’s excellent Optics album, from artists like Angelspit, Clan of Xymox, Combichrist and ex-KMFDMer, En Esch. The mixes aren’t terribly different from the original songs, so this isn’t an essential grab, but I’m enjoying it.

Another excellent release by one of my favourite electronic industrial bands.

One of my absolute favourite albums from the past decade is Golden Sun by Manual & Syntaks but I’d never heard any of Syntaks’ solo stuff. Turns out there’s an absolutely simple explanation for why Golden Sun is so good – Syntaks and Manual are kindred spirits. Apparently they’ve been collaborating their entire careers. Syntaks is a bit more hip-hop influenced than Manual (think 80% Manual, 20% Boom Bip and you’ll be on the right track). Awakes starts off with the amazing Rise and hardly lets up. Beautiful space-filling soundtracky music. Perfect to work to, perfect to read to, perfect to sleep to … just perfect.

Ylajali is a bit of a gentler album than Awakes – likely due to the addition of Anna Cecilia, who sang on a single track on Awakes, as a full-time partner. This album is lush and gorgeous – the music wraps around you and whispers gently in your ear.

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