June’s EMusic Downloads

I actually managed to get my downloads within the calendar month this time!

Ambient, teetering on the precipice of minimal. Akumu is the post-Thrive project of Deane Hughes.  While it hasn’t captured my attention the way Thrive had, it’s very very good.

I downloaded this after listening to the 30s samples.  Imagine a low-fi Ladytron and you’re most of the way towards understanding the sound of this album. Excellent.

Once again, Rhys Fulber has left the fold and the FLA sound changes. It doesn’t change all that much, though.  Like KMFDM, I keep buying FLA’s stuff because of its consistency - it might all sound similar, enough so that I can’t always tell which album any given song is from, but it’s all good.

The first Malory album, the magnificent “Not Here Not Now”, was an unabashed Slowdive worship session.  Since then, Malory have worked hard to define themselves as their own band, and not merely an exceptionally good knock-off band.  Pearl Diver, their fourth effort, still wears the Slowdive influence proudly, but by now it’s just that – an influence.  The songcraft is more varied with this album, with songs that wander into the atmospheric and spooky.  This album’s the highlight of the month.

A one-off track that Portishead released in support of Amnesty International. This could be the song that defines Portishead for me.

Gentle, yet haunting, ambient music from Stripmall Architecture (ex-Halou)’s Ryan Coseboom. Not what I was expecting from him at all, but well pleased. It’s lovely.  My only complaint is that at 3 tracks across 18 minutes, it’s just way too short.

Perhaps not Stars’ best album, but a worthy followup to the brilliant Sad Robots EP. To be fair, I think anything would be hard-pressed to top “A Thread Cut WIth A Carving Knife”.

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