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We’ve never known quite what to expect from a Boris album, as they’ve always been musical chameleons, effortlessly shifting style and sound. Attention Please is one of two simultaneously released albums (the other being Heavy Rocks), and the two couldn’t possibly be more different. Unlike previous albums, this one is sung entirely by Wata. With sounds ranging from Attention Please’s deliciously slinky and sexy electropop to Spoon, which might be the most perfect My Bloody Valentine song that Kevin Shields never wrote, this album is liquid gold.

I’m a total sucker for all things Peter Murphy. Bauhaus, Dali’s Car, solo material, I think I have all of it, but even I can admit that the post Holy Smoke output has been somewhat uneven. (Okay, I didn’t really care for Dali’s Car either.) Ninth is probably my favourite of Peter Murphy’s albums since Deep, though. It’s a bit more rock-y than any of its predecessors, and really, it just sounds like Murphy had fun making it. There’s joy in these songs, and there’s joy in listening to them.

OhGr has always polarized Skinny Puppy fans - the ones that just wish Nivek Ogre would keep making Last Rights over and over again all hate it, and the rest of us (ahem) Dig It. This is the best OhGr album yet and, perhaps not coincidentally, the least poppy. There’s lots of old-school Nivek-Ogre-chant-style vocal gymnastics, and a much sharper edge to the music. It’s not Skinny Puppy redux, but that’s fine – Skinny Puppy is still making their own music. I’m happy to get OhGr’s own brand of industrial too.

(I still hope that the album stalled by SPV’s insolvency gets released, but it looks like a newer album, “HanDover” will be out some time in 2011.)

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