Van Helsing

So, I went and saw Van Helsing tonight. I know, I know, the reviews were uniformly bad, but the trailers at least made it look like fun summer blockbuster. I should’ve known better. It isn’t worse than House of the Dead, but it isn’t a whole lot better. The plot is horrid, and the acting even worse. Not only did everyone don a terrible accent, not one actor could hold said terrible accent for an entire scene. Top that with painfully bad CG and you’ve got a big budget bomb. Save yourselves! It’s too late for me, but you can still escape with your lives!
(On the upside, Kate Beckinsale looks really hot in that tight outfit she wears.)

3 thoughts on “Van Helsing

  1. hahaha … you’re life, your job, your curse! I couldn’t resist. (^-^) at least there are still good memories of when we saw “Spawn” near the old office in Costa Mesa.

  2. LOL, yes. That was also a bad movie, but, like all such group activities, the company matters more than the activity.

  3. Isn’t it strange how a bad movie can boost company morale in that it can give people a common ground of something to lament about? 😉

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