What the Hell?

I’ve deleted it, because it offended me, but I just had a spam comment appear in response to my post about Van Helsing. What the Hell is going on? I mean, spam email is one thing, but spam log comments? Who the Hell does that? Who do they think the target audience is? I’m pretty impressed at the idiocy behind this, though. I mean, somebody had to write a script to find web log comment forms and fill them out.

3 thoughts on “What the Hell?

  1. It’s a fairly common occurance actually. I delete 4-5 a month, and blogs with more traffic generate them lick crazy.

    It’s an insane world we live in.

  2. I was spammed with comments, up to ten a a day, on my weblog. I had to install MTBlacklist, which works against repeat offenders well.

    How annoying and how sad that spammers think they can achieve something through online journals. What a waste of human (and digital) resources.

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