He’s losing his mind and feels it going …

I just got back from seeing Skinny Puppy, and it was a bloody fantastic show. The band sounded awesome – like no time had passed. They played four songs off the new album, and for the remaining hour and forty minutes of the show they played old favourites. Convulsion, Hexonxonx, Worlock, Testure, VX Gas Attack, Gods Gift (Maggot), Deep Down Trauma Hounds, and Smothered Hope, amongst others. Two encores, great sound, and an incredible stage show. Ogre is the only guy I can think of that looks good covered in blood, mud, and chalk. It was a brilliant show. The night was made all the better because I went to see Puppy with some friends I’d not seen in just about a year. Great tunes, great show, and great company – what more can you ask for?

4 thoughts on “He’s losing his mind and feels it going …

  1. AAACKK!! I’m jealous!! Sounds like an amazing show! Did they carry out the infamous mock executions? You gotta tell me, gotta tell me, gotta tell me!!!

  2. Yes! They did carry out the mock execution – two guys in black with headscarves “beheaded” Ogre during Hexonxonx, and then Ogre got up and pulled the headscarves off revealing … Bush and Cheney! 😀
    The video screen was filled with amazingly political stuff – during VX Gas Attack they were showing cuts of Bush interspersed with cuts of Hitler, and they showed lots of images of the wounded and killed in Iraq. It was a great show.

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