This morning I was standing on the train platform waiting for my train to arrive to speed me along to the office when I look across the track to see three men in orange safety vests walking along the opposite platform. One of them is pulling a cart on which is placed a box of tools and the top end of a very large ladder. A second man is holding the bottom of the ladder up off the ground. The third guy is just walking. They walk up to a lamp post and the three of them proceed to change a light bulb. All three. The walky guy’s just standing around. The hold-the-ladder-up guy is still holding the ladder up, and the pull the cart dude is actually up the ladder changing the bulb. IT TOOK THREE GUYS TO CHANGE A LIGHTBULB. Friggin’ unions management (see comment).

One thought on “Speechless.

  1. You say “friggin’ unions”… well, I would say “friggin’ management”. Unions do not have the authority to determine how many people it would take to change lightbulbs — those kinds of workplace routines fall squarely under management’s discretion. No collective agreement is powerful enough to take that kind of discretion away from the Employer. I would say that your ire would be best directed towards the capitalist managerial wankers that run Go Transit. Maybe they should go back to business school!

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