Sin City

Sin City is a colossal achievement in cinema. It’s the perfect adaptation of comic to movie. No, scratch that. It’s not an adaptation at all. The movie is the comic. Each frame of the comic is faithfully recreated. The cast was fantastic – great perfomances all (okay, Michael Madsen might as well have been a wooden plank with a pair of horn rims on, but he had all of 5 minutes total screen time), a great look, and all the wonderful cheesy over-the-top noir dialogue of the comic. Go see this movie. And then go again.

2 thoughts on “Sin City

  1. I feel like I’m in a minority of people who aren’t into comics (all my friends seem to be!). But I do feel that Rodriguez created a fascinating and raw piece of work. What little bits I know of him as a filmmaker, I still have much respect for him.

  2. I never read the Sin City comics, but I have to agree that the movie *was* a comic. A true live action comic book. I loved every minute of it. It was really odd seeing Elijah playing the role that he did, but he did it so well! Definitely a DVD I will have to own.

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