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One of the blogs I read faithfully (thanks to the lazy-web-reader’s boon, RSS) is Warren Ellis’ blog. This afternoon I saw a post about a song called Red Paper by Theory Anesthetic.

It’s a fantastic song ; so are the other three songs that are up there. They’re worth repeated listens. This, however, is a pain ‘cuz they’re streaming only. Streaming through a custom Flash application, no less. Rogue Amoeba Software to the rescue! They’ve got an amazing little bit of software (Mac only, sorry ‘doze and Linux users) called Audio Hijack Pro (there’s a non-pro version as well that’s cheaper) that lets you capture audio streams and save them. I can now listen to Theory Anesthetic to my heart’s content. Audio Hijack Pro did exactly what I wanted, and I was able to dive right in and just get it to work ; no muss, no fuss, no fights. I’ll be buying it for sure.

(Of course, I’d rather buy the music, but I couldn’t find any info on how to do so.)

3 thoughts on “Audio Capture

  1. Hiya…
    thanks for listening… 😛
    i did make “red paper” available for download today. Thanks to Warren I’ve been getting quite a few hits.

    If you’d like to buy a copy of the album before it’s released… I’d be happy to accomodate– just email me with your info. theoryanesthetic at

  2. Cheers! Thanks for the tip! Now, to acquire me a BitPass account so I can actually do the buyin’…

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