August EMusic Downloads, Part II

EMusic’s download cycle is 30 days long, and that means the renewal date slowly creeps backwards in the month. I’ve been a member long enough now that my renewal date has crept to the beginning of the month – my next download refresh date is the September 9th, and this is a really busy time at work, so rather than lose a set of downloads, I downloaded what I would normally have called September’s downloads in August.

* *How He Loved The Moon (Moonsongs for Johnn Balance)* by Current 93
A tribute to Johnn Balance of Coil who died in 2004. This album is tribute to his genius. I really loved Coil, so this album makes me a bit sad. Mostly darkly ambient.

* *Hpynagogue / Hypnagogue II* by Current 93
Another darkly ambient bit of mood music.

* *All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone – Remixes* by Explosions in the Sky
Explosions in the Sky remixed by the likes of Jesu, Eluvium, and Four Tet? How can you go wrong? Fantastic.

* *This Is What You Get* by Flunk
I’ve loved Flunk since I first heard their cover of Blue Monday (on *For Sleepyheads Only*). Every release has been consistently great, and this one continues the trend. While I don’t think they’ll ever manage to top the genius that is “Play”, it’s unfair to expect them to do so.

* *Holy Fuck* by Holy Fuck

* *LP* by Holy Fuck
Two albums of electronic noise rock by Toronto’s Holy Fuck. The albums sound surprisingly raw – like live recordings. Good fun.

* *Gone* by Mono

* *Hymn to the Immortal Wind* by Mono

* *Walking Cloud, Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined* by Mono
I can’t get enough of Mono – if you like Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, or Yume Bitsu you’ll love this band.

* *Salt Marie Celeste* by Nurse With Wound
This is a very strange album. One track, just over an hour long. If you’re not paying close attention, it sounds like a 2 minute ambient loop repeated 30 times. It’s super minimalist and creepy as Hell. Play it loud on Halloween to scare the bejesus out of the local kids.

* *Dream, Tiresias!* by Project Pitchfork
Yet more industrial goodness from Project Pitchfork.

* *Love and Distortion* by The Stratford 4
Fuzzy shoegazery stuff. Not exactly original sounding, but that’s not a bad thing. They clearly wear their influences (Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine) on their sleeve.