September’s EMusic

There are more than 90 tracks this month, because EMusic did a giveaway on twitter, and I found a free album too.

* “*Mother Ignorance* by _Army of the Universe_”:

* “*Animal* by _Autokratz_”:

* “*Shades of Grey* by _Autumn’s Grey Solace_”:

* “*A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction* by _Earth_”:

* “*The Complicated Futility of Ignorance* by _Fudge Tunnel_”:

* “*Live at Floristree, 1.26.08* by _Growing_”:

* “*Akasha* by _Isobella_”:

* “*A.M.* by _Magnetic Morning_”:

* “*Death Threat* by _My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult_”:

* “*Faults* by _Seefeel_”:

* “*Seven Tales of the North Wind* by _Rhian Sheehan_”:

* “*Fourteen Summers and Fifteen Winters* by _The Twilight Sad_”: