iTunes Rental Woes … and a Solution

I rented Forks over Knives on iTunes today (great movie – the information presented is very compelling), but every time I tried to start playing the movie I got an iTunes error (-42110). Apple’s support forum was less than helpful about a solution, so I turned to the wisdom of the greater internet, and found […]

I Buy Music

Support musicians. Buy your music and then go to “I buy music”:, get a shirt and wear it with pride. Mine’s on order. !/images/I-buy-music-black_130px.gif!:

July’s eMusic

July’s 90 Tracks: * *My Life in Rooms* by Barzin Featuring Tony Dekker from Great Lakes Swimmers, this is a moody, ethereal masterpiece. If Mazzy Star had had a male singer, they’d have recorded this album. * *Krush* by DJ Krush What you typically get from Japan’s DJ Krush is funky, loungy, (mostly) instrumental hip-hop. […]

Media Library

I went out on Boxing Day to take advantage of the excess inventory fire-sale prices and realized that I no longer knew all of the movies I owned, so I wound up not buying stuff in case I already had it and realized I’d acquired enough media that it was impossible to keep it all […]

Låt Den Rätte Komma In

Let The Right One In is a masterpiece of film. A tale of loneliness and alienation told through the vehicle of the vampire movie. It’s smart, sweet, and yes, it’s actually heartwarming. Bet you never thought anyone would say THAT about a horror movie. Given that it’s now November, I’m going to call it the […]

Tarantino’s Mind

Short film starring A Life Aquatic‘s Seu George in which a film buff claims to have broken Quentin Tarantino’s code. Brilliant.

You must see this.

Absolutely everyone should watch The Shock Doctrine, a short film by author Naomi Klein and Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón. The film is an accompaniment to Ms Klein’s new book of the same title and it’s a deeply moving work. I’ve just watched it twice and it’s horrifying and edifying and has left me […]

Children of Men

I’d been looking forward to seeing Children of Men since James first pointed me at the trailer. I finally managed to get out to a theatre to see it, and I was thoroughly impressed. I’m having trouble articulating why it was so brilliant – all I can really say is that I was engrossed from […]

The Departed

I saw The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s remake of Infernal Affairs, tonight and it’s a great film – definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen this year. A great plot, filled with twists and turns (but, as Cy put it, they spoon-feed you the twists and turns so you’re never lost; mind you, I could […]

Not quite J-Pop …

… more like J-Crunk. Tigarah kicks all kinds of ass. If there’s any justice in the world, this girl is going to be huge.