One of the most senior guys at work gave in three weeks’ notice yesterday. He’s sick of all the overtime this job demands, and so is his wife, so he’s leaving the game industry to work on annuities risk management software. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me, but I have to admit, a steady 9-5 job does have its appeal.

Argh. Seems like I’ve hit the tolerance point with my allergy medicine again. I get about 3 or 4 weeks of effectiveness with any one antihistamine before my system becomes tolerant of it, and then my allergies bite me again. I don’t know what to switch to. Grrr.

binary_goddess called me last night. We had a nice chat ; it’s been rather a while since we’ve talked, and even longer since I’ve last seen her.

I don’t know if I should say anything, ‘cuz I just might curse the success, but it seems the office climate control is actually working now. We had a comfortably 72F all day yesterday, and it’s been 72F ever since I got here this morning (about two hours ago).

I can’t believe the only thing worth ranting about over the past week has been the stupid temperature in the office. I think I really need a change in my life.

I suppose I should have learned by now.
The ambient temperature in the office on any given day is no indication of what it will be on any other day. Not even the next day. It was 77F when I walked in. 20 minutes later it’s now 78F. I think I’m having a Dennis Miller moment: The temperature in here oscillates as wildly as Oprah’s weight.
What, not bitter enough to be Dennis Miller? Okay, maybe more of a Dennis Miller Lite.

The repair guy came to the office yesterday to fix the air conditioning. It’s actually chilly in here now. I entered the office this morning to the nice 70F. I’m not complaining at all – at least if the room’s a bit chilly it keeps me awake. I just can’t stay awake, let alone think, at 80F. Let’s see how long this repair lasts. The previous repair was good for all of a week.

The climate control in my office is utterly broken. I got in this morning at 7:00am, and it was already at 77F, despite being set to cool the office to 72. By lunchtime it’ll be 80F in here, just like it was on Thursday and Friday of last week. In the winter it was the opposite – the temperature couldn’t be coaxed about 65F. This idiocy has been going on ever since I started working here, two years ago. The pattern repeats endlessly – call a repair guy, the repair guy twiddles some random knobs, and the temperature zooms in the opposite direction for a day or two, then we return to “normality’. I’m now positive that this is a total scam. Some guy comes in and time bombs the climate control to be “reasonable” for a day or two and then return to intolerable. I’m in the wrong racket – I could make a fortune by screwing with corporate climate control.

Dear God, I’m bad at this. Just haven’t got into the swing of posting yet.

So I’m back from holiday. Had an AMAZING time ; I wish I could have stayed longer (better I leave before wearing out my welcome, though 🙂 ). San Diego is a really great place – lots to do, lots to see, and very friendly.

And I was right – it really *was* great to not think about work for a week.

I took a ton of photos while I was there. If I have time maybe I’ll put some online later.